14 Best Kids Meal Delivery Services in 2023

Kids Meal Delivery Services

Meal delivery services have become something of normalcy now, whereas ten years ago, these were so rare they were almost unheard of. Today, there is an incredible and vast amount of choices regarding meal and food delivery services. If a company doesn’t have a food service like this, they are likely behind in sales in today’s competitive market. However, the question comes to mind is this…who rules the world? Kids! Having a meal delivery service is one thing, but finding a kid’s meal delivery is another.

Parents all over the United States are trying to find healthy and easy options for their families. Sickness and everyday quarantines have made going to the grocery store more difficult (if not impossible), and eating at home all the time leaves everyone wanting new recipes. Que kids meal delivery service! All put together and ready to go at an affordable price beats the pants off of wearing a face mask all day and going into the grocery store with all your children.

14 Kids Meal Delivery Services Reviewed

When it comes to meal planning, children sometimes picky little eaters rule the roost. Getting a picky eater to consume healthy and nutritious meals sometimes can get kicked to the side next to the choice of hotdogs, macaroni n’ cheese, and chicken nuggets! Further, busy parents want the ability to serve their children healthful means that are easy, and even better, ready-made. And what about the parents? Parents and adults in general want the ability to eat healthy while still maintaining a budget. Here, we have a list of the top 14 kids meal delivery services available for toddlers and kids.

1 . Yumble

Yumble is specifically designed with kids in mind. This website boasts of over twenty-five thousand 5-star ratings from their customers. Plus, every subscription box comes with fun activities to complete with the family! So the next step is learning how the process works. Yumble is easy to navigate and walks you through each step in choosing the right meals for your family.

In the first step, you will choose a plan that works best for your family and also choose the meals you would like for your child (children). Decide on how many meals per week you would need and go from there. Once you do this, submit payment information, and then your meal kits ship to you for free. You will love all of the different types of baby food that Yumble offers for your little one.


The age range:  Children who are no longer eating baby food.

Types of meals:  From a pizza pocket to chicken nuggets, quesadillas, broccoli, peas, etc.

Price and shipping: From $2.99 per meal. The price is determined by how many meals per week you want and how many children you want it for. Your first week is 50% off meals. After the first week, the packages range from 6 meals at $3.99 each to 12 meals at $2.99 each. This company offers free shipping. Woot woot!

Meal options: Yumble meals come with gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, and no soy options.

2 . Yumi

Break out that little spoon because your baby and kids are going to love the ready-made baby food from Yumi. Yumi offers babies from five months of age to the 5-year-old who decided they no longer like anything they once did. Meals for infants are broken up by the age of the child and the smoothness of the puree. For the older baby and child, Yumi offers an array of finger foods and snacks.

This service does not have full meal options for older kids, such as its competitor Yumble. However, it does cater to babies in that important first year of needing highly nutritious foods and forming their little taste buds. You can sign up for Yumi to send you foods automatically according to your child milestone. They named this accordingly, “The Milestone Plan.” Yumi also offers the variety pack plan, the “chunky combos, and finger food,” and the “you pick” plan.


The age range: While the company advertises that these foods are from five months to 5 years old, these meals are truly geared toward children under the age of one and learning different textures and foods.

Types of meals: Your little one will enjoy baby food combinations like carrot and mango, raspberry, butternut squash, and dragon fruit and pear. These foods fit just about every single dietary restriction because of their ability to make fully organic foods that can appeal to all specialized diets.

Price and shipping: Prices vary depending on whether you get one monthly shipment at a time versus weekly shipments. 1 meal per day weekly (8 meals) is $4.30 each, totaling $35 a week. However, this same plan monthly would be $3.50 per meal at $112 for the month.

Meal options: All foods have no dairy, gluten, preservatives, allergens, GMO’s, or added sugars. These meals are 100% organic.

3 . Foodstirs Baking Kits

Foodstirs boasts all of the fun and joy that comes with baking those goodies in the kitchen without all the bad stuff that typically goes in. You and your kids can enjoy those baking in the kitchen moments without all of the junk that goes into those chocolate chip cookies. Kids love all of the fun and wacky sweet treats, but you can take pleasure and knowing that everything in them is organic ingredients with up to 50% less sugar.

The whole family will love this subscription service and will look forward to the arrival of your bi-monthly subscription. Some of these kits that are more complicated even come with the pans to make the item! For example, the “Out of This World Donut Kit” comes with the silicone baking pan along with all of the food mix items.


The age range: There is no age range listed; however, consult your pediatrician about the age for your child to consume certain ingredients.

Types of meals: Enjoy foods such as donuts, cookies, unicorn push pops, and tons more!

Price and shipping: Prices at minimum at $25.99 for the one up to $194 for the six. Shipping is only free over $80. Kits are received every-other-month, rather than the typical every month.  Kits range from one kit for each delivery to three kits each delivery, or six kits for each delivery.

Meal options: All kits are vegan and certified Kosher; however, they are not gluten-free. All baking kits are certified organic and non-GMO.

4 . Nurture Life

Nurture Life offers families the best of both worlds when offering finger foods, meals, and desserts! This innovative kids meal delivery service offers meal kits that will please any picky eaters; what’s even better than a company such as this, servicing kids of all ages. They also offer meals for teens and adults! So there is no ordering just for the little one and then making a meal for the rest of the family. Everyone can enjoy choosing what they would like without having to make several different things.

The fact that this service is one the whole family can enjoy makes Nurture truly original Life one. Freshly made meals are delivered straight to your door and include options for traditional meals, to go, and ready to eat meals in disposable containers, as well as finger snacks.


The age range: Kids and teens of all ages

Types of meals: You can get anything from fresh fruits and veggies to pureed sweet potato or green beans.

Price and shipping: All meals range in cost per meal. Some meals are $6.89 up through $12.49 per meal. Adult meals tend to run on the higher end of the price range. There is no set subscription for the number of meals you have to choose. You will choose how many family members you want receiving meals, their age, and their food preferences. Then decide how many meals per week you want each family member to have.

Meal options: Meals are chosen according to food tolerances: gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, pork-free, etc.

5 . Baketivity

Baketivity is another great option for parents who want to continue teaching their kids how to bake in the kitchen without all of the fuss of finding a recipe, only to have to go grocery shopping that takes a lot of time and energy. These baking kits come in a monthly subscription box so that you and your kiddos can look forward to baking that something extra special /every month.

All of the kits come with pre-measured ingredients, which is great for the little ones who can’t quite grasp how to measure yet but still want to have the fun in participating. Your children will learn valuable baking skills that they will be able to use throughout their lives. Lastly, you will enjoy the many different activities and games that come in these boxes every month.


The age range: These dessert baking subscriptions can be enjoyed by any child who can safely consume solid foods.

Types of meals: You will surely enjoy desserts such as Whoopie Pies, Panda Pull-Apart Mini Cupcakes, Funfetti Muffins, and so much more.

Price and shipping: The price per month depends on how far in advance you pay. For example, pay by month cost is $32.95, quarterly is $30.95 per box, every six months is $29.17 per box, and once a year is $29.95 per box.

Meal options: There are gluten-free options, and all ingredients are Kosher. No other dietary restriction modifications are available for this subscription.

6 . Home Chef

Home Chef is a sophisticated way to enjoy a meal delivery service that keeps your health in mind. These kits include meals that are low carb and calorie-conscious so that you can make the best choices to fit your lifestyle and goals. You can choose between meal kits that are oven-ready, ready in 15 minutes, grill ready, or choose a fancy dish from the culinary collection. Want a sultry salad? No problem at all because Home Chef has those on their menu as well.

This is a fantastic option for the person who enjoys cooking but hates searching for recipes and grocery shopping. Because all of the perfectly portioned ingredients are delivered right to your door, you know that your meals are made fresh by you—no ifs, and, or buts. Even better, these Home Chef items are even offered in some big-name grocery stores across the United States! Stores like Kroger, Metro Market, and Food4Less are just a few of the many.


The age range: These meals are geared toward the adult; however, if chosen carefully, even the picky eaters would enjoy the foods from this website.

Types of meals: Enjoy gourmet meals such as Rockefeller chicken and scallops with lemon pepper pasta.

Price and shipping: Meals start at just $6.99 and go up from there.

Meal options: All meals are clearly labeled upon the choosing portion of your experience so that you can accurately pick meals that correspond with your specific diet (i.e., gluten-free).

7 . Sun Basket

Sun Basket has a ton of different options to choose from and being healthy and ready for cooking! On top of all of the great perks that come with this meal delivery service, new customers receive a $35 discount and gifts. New customers receive a $35 discount and free meals when they get started with their Sun Basket subscription.

Every meal kit that you choose comes with hormone and antibiotic-free meats and poultry along with organic fruits and vegetables. This wonderful company comes right out of the Golden Gate city of San Francisco to provide its customers with sustainable produce all across the country.


The age range: The meals are targeted towards teens and adults, but younger kids would find many meals they like. Suitable for the whole family.

Types of meals: Organic fruits, vegetables, and dairy products

Price and shipping: Meals start at only $8.99 per serving and go up from there. Choose what meals and how many you want per week to get started!

Meal options: Meal options that are paleo, gluten-free, pescatarian, and vegetarian. These meal options are great for those who are diabetic and carbohydrate conscious.

8 . Splendid Spoon

When you get meals from the Splendid Spoon, you get something that is truly unique and healthy, with all meals being made from plant-based ingredients. These healthy and nutritious meals are organic and ready to eat when they arrive at your door. If you want something different, that is easy to include in your busy lifestyle. This is a great option.


The age range: This program is geared toward teens and adults.

Types of meals: You can enjoy things like fruit and veggie smoothies, soups like butternut squash, and grain bowls packed with protein.

Price and shipping: Meal plans range from $65 (which includes five soup and grain bowls) to $185 (which includes 5 smoothies, 5 bowls, 5 noodles, and a soup).

Meal options: All foods are gluten-free, plant-based, no added sugars, unprocessed, and packed with protein.

9 . Daily Harvest

Here again, it is a great food delivery option for those on the go. Life never stops being busy, but with all of that business, the first thing that becomes compromised is being healthy and choosing food that reflects a specific eating style. Daily Harvest has your meals delivered frozen at the same time each month and gives their customers to skip and pause orders at any time! With their wide variety of items, you will enjoy anything from a custom latte in the morning to some healthy ice cream when your sweet tooth calls.


The age range: While this program seems geared more toward adults, there are certain items that we are sure any child would enjoy…and it is healthy.

Types of meals: Enjoy items such as kale and sweet potato flatbread, mint and dark chocolate chip ice cream, strawberry peach smoothies, and change chocolate lattes!

Price and shipping: Item prices range anywhere from $5.99 to $8.99 per meal

Meal options: Organic ingredients, gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based

10 . Freshly

Freshly offers the convince of ready-to-go meal kits that need to be heated up. There are so many different options through this meal kit plan that you will certainly enjoy. Often the best meal is the one you don’t have to shop for and prepare yourself! Heat your meal in the microwave or convection oven and enjoy.

The fact that you don’t have to cook and you can heat them and eat them all within five minutes sounds almost too good to be true. Enjoy one meal per day, or order enough for lunch and dinner if you so desire.


The age range: Because of the wide variety of meals offered, these meals could appeal to the picky five-year-old all the way up to the grown adult.

Types of meals: Enjoy meals such as steak peppercorn with green beans, chicken tikka masala, and three-bean ancho chili turkey bowls.

Price and shipping: Choose between a 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 meal a week plan. These plans range from $11.49 per meal on the 4 a week plan to $8.49 a meal on the 12 per week plan.

Meal options: Freshly accommodates gluten-free and peanut-free dietary restrictions. Freshly does not use certified organic and non-GMO food items.

11 . EveryPlate

EveryPlate has a solution for everyone when it comes to food the whole family will eat at an affordable price. Busy adults worldwide get tired of having to search recipes and find the ingredients at the store to cook for a whole family. EveryPlate gives families plenty of options for a weekly menu at low-cost meals, which everyone can enjoy. With no commitment fee, you can try this plan without the worry of cancellation fees. When you sign up as a new customer, you will get a discount on your first order! And who doesn’t like a discount?


The age range: With all of the different weekly menu options, all solid food eaters in your home can enjoy the EveryPlate selections.

Types of meals: This service offers meals such as chicken meatballs and pasta, steak and roasted green beans, and roasted bell pepper flatbread.

Price and shipping: Compared with other plans, EveryPlate is extremely reasonable in price. You can get 5 meals for a family of four at $108 per week.

Meal options: Because EveryPlate is focused on keeping prices low for families, they do not offer meals for special diets such as vegetarian or vegan.

12 . Dinnerly

Coming in at the absolute least expensive option on this list, Dinnerly offers lots of options that include all of the ingredients you need to cook your family dinner. The cost is so reasonable that you could choose a meal for every day of the week and still get a great price that will leave both your stomach and wallets full. Dinnerly allows you to choose your family size, menu, and how many meals you want to cook per week. Party of one? Just choose the option of a two-person box and stretch it for six nights.

Have some picky eaters in your house? You will love that Dinnerly consider them in the different food and meals that they prepare. Each meal on their website allows you to see how long it takes to prepare, what the ingredients are, and whether or not the meal is considered low calorie. All of these different factors allow you to see which food options will be best for you.


The age range: These kits will please the picky young eater all the way up through adulthood.

Types of meals: Choose from meals like tasty BBQ chicken and macaroni and cheese, ravioli in fresh tomato sauce, and griddled burgers.

Price and shipping: A family of four can eat three meals per week for as low as $53 to 6 meals a week at $106.

Meal options: Dinnerly does not have meal kits according to dietary restrictions to keep costs low.

13 . Gobble

Does cooking dinner in as little as 15 minutes sound good to you? Then Gobble is a great option for you! Voted as the number 1 meal kit by Parents Magazine, this subscription is definitely worth the try. You won’t have to worry about purchasing separate kids meals because there are so many different options that everyone in the family can enjoy.

These have fewer ingredients to cook and are designed to take only 15 minutes from stove to mouth. Your family will love the different recipes that reflect flavors from all across the world that gets delivered right to your doorstep.


The age range: Everyone in the family will find a meal they like

Types of meals: You will enjoy meals such as pan-seared sirloin steak with a loaded baked potato, chimichurri salmon and saffron rice, and Greek pita wraps with roasted vegetables and hummus.

Price and shipping: New customers can try six meals for $36! After the new customer plan, prices are at $11.99 per serving. A 3-night plan for two people is about $71 for the week.

Meal options: You have options for vegetarian only plans, lean and clean, and classic.

14 . Raddish Kids

Raddish Kids is a cooking club for your children right to your home.

Unlike some of the other subscription boxes, this kids delivery service does not come with food in the box. Rather, you get recipe cards, a skills guide, kitchen tools, a creative project, and with a new subscription, a free apron. This is a great project for any day of the week, and you can even incorporate it into at-home-schooling!


The age range: This program is rated for children ages 4 all the way up through the teen years! All kids younger and older will enjoy these kitchen crafts.

Types of meals: Cooking kits include all kinds of meals and desserts so that kids learn how to cook healthy and tasty meals.

Price and shipping: Subscribe for a 6 moth-membership for $132 ($22 a month) or a 12-month membership for $240 ($20 a month).

Meal options: All kits have the ability to substitute ingredients for those that would fit certain dietary restrictions.

Final Thoughts

It is no surprise when we say life is busy. Many people don’t have time to cook, let alone plan out a weekend menu, go grocery shopping, then remember what to cook on which night. At the end of a long day, this is not something that any person wants to do. Grocery delivery and meal kit options have become increasingly popular across the United States, allowing families to do more of what is important, spend time together.

While some of these kids delivery services are more expensive than others, there are plenty in this review to help you determine which kits would befit your lifestyle, or if you have a family, for them as well. From the picky eater to the adult who normally won’t eat a thing to the busy teacher who doesn’t want to eat school lunches, there is an option for every person!

Besides the home lunch delivery services, have a look at the school lunch delivery services and speak to other parents, teachers, and school principals to create a healthier school for all kids.