National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day 2023

Take Your Parents to Lunch

Did you know that there is an actual National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day? What a fun day to come to have a visit and spend time with your children at school. As children get older, youth taking parents to lunch can fade into the background and become non-existent. However, students who involve parents both at school and at home are often the kids with the healthiest eating habits and do better in school. So let’s take a closer look at this event and take a peek at all of the fun reasons to love having lunch at school!

History of National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day

Well, the history of this day only spans a decade. However, it was so much fun to celebrate! The National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day is in the second week of October, on Wednesdays every year. The next National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day will be on Wednesday, the 11th of October 2023. On this day, parents are encouraged to join their kids at school for lunch and promote healthy eating habits together.

Both kids and parents find fun and educational ways to share healthy eating habits and build positive relationships with kids. Parents have an opportunity to learn about the types of food that their children eat every day at school. Even better, exchanging ideas with other parents about healthy school lunches gives parents new ideas on providing their kids with the healthiest meals during a normal day and on special occasions.

How to Celebrate National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day

While 2020 proved to be a tough year for these types of celebrations, both parents and school officials found a way to make it possible! This required some ingenuity in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic to make National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day work.

Take Your Parents to Lunch Day is special for children. Parents and school officials are coming together to create pre-packaged, healthy foods for children. Some schools even provide families with a virtual way to celebrate this date in October. Not all schools are open yet, and many do not allow anyone other than the child into the cafeteria.

Final Thoughts

As an educator, I appreciate any positive opportunity that may entice more parents to find time to see first-hand their child’s school life. So advertise this on social media, plan to visit your child’s school (or participate virtually), and most importantly, join in and learn all about this event and your child in their school environment.

Overall, being involved with your child goes a very long way in their lives and will surely be something they remember for all of theirs.