5 Healthy Meal Planning Tips for Teachers

healthy meal planning

As a teacher, you get home late and exhausted with many books to mark and new lesson plans to make. Most mornings, you sprint to school to ensure you get to class just in time. You may barely have time to eat correctly with all this on your plate. Fortunately, developing a meal plan for an organized school year is easier. Below are five healthy meal-planning tips for teachers.

5 Quick Healthy Meal Planning Tips for Teachers

1. Organize Yourself

Since you already have a hectic schedule, organizing yourself by creating meal plans is essential. Write down the meals you enjoy most and attach the recipes beneath. This will help you decide what to make for dinner with ease. As you may already have so many notebooks and papers, use the notes section in your preferred teacher planner to plan your food shopping list or meals for the week. This way, you only need one planner.

2. Invest in an Instant Pot

An instant pot should be a must-have for your kitchen. This life-saving appliance makes it easy to cook different meals, such as beef or veggie stew and chicken breasts or tofu, in a limited time. An instant pot is easy to use and is also less messy, and will get your meals in no time. Plus, you won’t need to worry about your kitchen getting hot.

3. Focus on Eating Healthy

Meal planning for teachers may seem difficult since they have very little time to spare. Nonetheless, you should ensure this by eating real food rich in nutrients and fiber. Fiber will help you feel fuller for longer. In the morning, mixed with nuts and bananas, Porridge, or cold oats will keep you full until lunch.

Get recipe books with fast and healthy foods to prepare for 3-5 days ahead. For example, Emeals can email you a recipe weekly or based on your desired frequency. You choose to get seven recipes a week; you will get well-written meal prep guides for your shopping list.

4. Do Research

The internet is another valuable resource for creating a healthy meal plan. For instance, Pinterest is helpful when looking for the latest trends and designs. With so many food bloggers in the market, you can get healthy and simple to prepare meal plans and get inspired by images. You will also find some excellent healthy meal delivery services that deliver either directly to the school or your home and help you prepare meals or provide ready-to-eat meals that won’t add more stress to your teaching routine.

5. Cook Enough Dinner

You barely have enough time to cook lunch with a one-hour lunch break, and a salad will not fill you up for long. However, you can always cook more food for dinner the night before to ensure you have some leftovers for lunch the next day. Besides, knowing that you have lunch will ease the day’s stress since you won’t constantly think about your lunch options.


As a teacher, you have loads of work, classes, and deadlines to meet. You also have a social life outside of school to keep active. Healthy lunches can help alleviate stress and increase productivity. Use our tips above to prepare your next healthy meal.