Yumble Review - Kids Easy Meal Delivery Service

Yumble Review

Before you sign up t any food delivery services for healthy kids’ meals, read this complete and honest Yumble review.

When it comes to getting your kids to eat healthy meals that don’t consist of hot dogs and macaroni and cheese, life can get complicated really quickly. Having healthy and thriving children is really what any parent wants. Also on the top of that list is establishing healthy eating habits that will last them a lifetime and then be carried over into a healthy lifestyle and long life.

Then, let’s factor that over 80% of mothers in the United States work full time with kids between the ages of 6 and 17, and 75% of moms work with children under the age of 6. Also, let’s not forget about our working days. They top the percentage scales at over 90% in both age categories! So let’s narrow this down now: The majority of the United States moms and dads both work full-time jobs, need to plan weekly menus, make grocery lists, get to the store, and then cook every night. Also, any kid’s meal needs to include healthy ingredients to suit their growing child properly.

Uh, hello! No one has time for that! This is where we bring in those ever-so-popular meal delivery services. While there are some great ones out there to try right now, Yumble Kids is the only one that considers nutrition, where the food comes from, and focuses on recipes that kids will enjoy! This meal-delivery service will fool the picky eaters into actually eating all of their veggies.

Yumble Kids Easy Meal Delivery Service

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of Yumble Kids. As parents, there are a few things that top the list of the most important. For the average parents, price is one primary factor when making a grocery menu and planning. The average American family spends approximately $2500 per person per year. Divided out by how many weeks of the year there are, you can look at spending about $50 per person per week on groceries with a conservative budget.

If it seems as though the cost is not going to be an issue, then comes the stage of seeing which delivery service you want. In this case, you may want to review the food ingredients and where they come from. Maybe you have a restrictive diet and need to make sure places like Yumble Kids can meet your child’s specific dietary needs. Likely you will want to order things that look familiar to you and your child’s taste buds that already exist.

Next, do you want to look into the process of how to order your food in the first place? Yumble Kids makes this whole process incredibly easy. Their entire website allows parents to see exactly what their kids will be eating and their food options. Nothing regarding the foods is hidden, and there are no hidden fees.

The next question is what age of the child is for this kid’s meal plan subscription. Yumble Kid is a great option for kids who are solid food eaters (about 1-year-old) through the age of 5 or 6. It does not appear the portion sizes grow to accommodate an older child. With that said, this subscription really does cater to the age of the “uh uh” and the “I don’t wanna.”

Yumble Menu is Kid-Friendly!

Now comes the fun part…looking at the food menu! Yumble Kids has so many great options for young kids they won’t even know that they are eating nutritious and healthy meals. Yumble has so many tasty options to like that you may not even know where to begin, which is where we come in. As I said, when you are crazy busy, it isn’t your priority to create a menu and go grocery shopping. Your Yumble subscription will take away all of the time it takes to search for those kid-friendly meal ideas.

Yumble Meals For the Super Picky Eater

If your child is the one whose diet consists of hotdogs, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and Nutella sandwiches, go ahead and raise your hand now. I’m sitting here raising my hand, thinking of my child. Isn’t it funny how you can have one kid who will eat almost anything versus the second one who won’t eat anything at all unless it is one of the four aforementioned items?

For my super picky eater, we enjoyed meals from Yumble like chicken nuggets with macaroni and cheese (but it was healthy!), easy Peasy pizza pockets and pasta, chick n casserole, Turkey sausage and eggs, chicken in marinara and pasta, as well as other breakfast items to name a few.

I have seldom seen a happy plate with my youngest food connoisseur until she got her special meals from Yumble. Even better, she enjoys getting that special Yumble box in the mail every week because she knows it’s just for her. I would imagine that most kids love getting stuff in the mail!

Yumble For More Adventurous Kids

If you’re lucky and you have kids that will try new things outside of their normal box, Yumble Kids has you covered here too! You can choose your child things like flower petal ravioli and chicken meatballs, sweet and sticky rice with chicken, beef bolognese over rice with green beans, chick n casserole, and garden veggie chili with quinoa. Your child will quickly enjoy all the new and fresh, healthy meals from Yumble made just for them at a price that everyone can live with.

What is in Yumble Kids Meals?

Before we get too far and you start getting really excited, let’s make sure that Yumble has the ingredients you are looking for. As a parent now more than ever, we are constantly looking at the ingredients being put into the food that is being marketed specifically to children. There’s an ever-increasing knowledge base about ingredients put into the food that the last generation was not made known. With this knowledge that we have now, we can easily make the best decisions to ensure healthy kids. And it all starts with the foods they eat, and Yumble recognizes this.

The main thing that Yumble seems to do aside from just creating a kids meal that your child will eat is creating a kids meal that is made with only the best ingredients. Yumble strives to use in-season fruits and vegetables and tries to use organic ingredients whenever it is possible to do so. By doing this, Yumble can keep costs lower while still delivering quality meals.

Also, Yumble will always try to ensure that they use hormone-free and anti-biotic-free meats whenever they are available. While no one is perfect, many meal delivery services do not offer these same honest attempts to bring you the absolute best ingredients available, but Yumble Kids does, and that means something.

Why is Organic Important?

Aside from the fact that most of us know that organic foods contain little to no chemicals, did you also know that organic foods can lessen allergies? You heard that right; people who traditionally have food allergies to certain foods that are not organic find that their symptoms may go away when they start eating entirely organic foods. Also, as mentioned, fewer toxins mean healthier food and little to no side effects to you.

What About High Sodium Yumble Meals?

While my family and I are big fans, this Yumble review wouldn’t be legitimate if I didn’t express my concerns about the amount of sodium listed on some of these items. Pretty much all pre-made Yumble meals contain larger amounts of sodium for preservation. Some meals have over 700 mg of sodium, which I found a bit concerning. After I did a little bit of research for myself about what pediatricians recommend a child’s sodium intake should be per day, I have no more reservations in this department.

According to the CDC, pediatricians recommend that children take no more than 2300 mg of sodium per day. That means if you ordered these meals for three meals a day for your child, they would still be under the daily recommendation. Looking further into these statistics, I found that the average child consumes 3300 mg of sodium per day.

Does Yumble Accommodate Restrictive Diets?

Science has come a long way in recognizing that many of the specific health issues that people have now stem directly from certain types of food. For example, people with celiac disease need a gluten-free diet, as a non-gluten-free diet triggers a negative response in their system. Many children in their early years develop lactose intolerance and allergies to eggs, soy, and nuts. Yumble has kept all of this in mind as they work consistently with dietitians to create recipes that most kids can enjoy.

The various meals Yumble offers allow you to see specifically what ingredients are in each meal. Each Yumble meal is also labeled with an easy-to-read symbol indicating whether that meal is dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, soy-free, or vegetarian. Unfortunately, Yumble cannot guarantee that their items are nut-free as their facility is not nut-free. As their website states, they cannot guarantee that there will not be any cross-contamination.

Essentially it is safe to say that the options presented by Yumble bring many tasty options for those that are gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan, as well as those who have no food restrictions.

What is the Yumble Process and Price?

The process for signing up for the Yumble meal delivery service it’s just as easy as 1,2,3. First, all you have to do let’s decide that you want to go ahead and begin the process of picking out your kid’s meals. I highly encourage you to involve your children in the process of picking out what foods they will get. Your kids will love getting the chance to choose what they want from Yumble each week.

The most important step on Yumble, aside from picking out what type of food you want, is the type of meal plan subscription that your child will need. On Yumble, you have a choice of ordering 6, 8, or 12 meals per week. Of course, the more meals you order per week, the lesser the cost per meal. For example, with the 50% off discount, if you order six meals per week, the cost per meal will be $3.99. However, if you were to order 12 meals per week, your cost per meal is reduced to$2.99 each.

After your first Yumble order, meals at the most expensive run at $7.99 per meal, down to $5.99 per meal. After this point in the Yumble order process, you would review the different menus and choose which foods will come in the first box. You will find that choosing foods on Yumble is extremely easy to navigate and that the whole process is easy. Once you pick out everything that you need, input your payment information and wait for your meals to arrive.

Cancel or Pause Your Subscription

Deciding to skip a week of meals, pause your subscription, or cancel it all together is an easy process through your account page on the Yumble website. Also, say your week is crazy busy, and you forget to pick out your meals. There is a default menu that you can set for yourself in the case that you forget to choose meals so that your child isn’t simply receiving the same thing over and over again.

How Your Yumble Kids Meals Arrive

As this was the only time I’ve used any meal delivery service, I was really impressed with how everything was packed and shipped. It was almost like getting a little refrigerator shipped right to my door. Shipped in an insulated box, all foods were kept nice, cold, and ready to be put right into the refrigerator. I love that the ice packs used to ship these items could be reused! We always need ice packs for meals in lunch boxes, coolers, or bruised knees, so while this is small, it was a nice surprise.

Cooking, Storing, and Freezing Meals

I automatically put meals in the freezer until I need them. However, this apparently is not the best course of action for your Yumble meals. These arrive at your door fresh and ready to eat within seven days. This is definitely something to consider if you feel like there’s a chance that you will not use as many meals as you have ordered within that seven-day time frame.

What I love the absolute most about the subscription because I don’t have to cook anything. These meals are perfect for the busy everyday mom and dad who doesn’t have time to do all the things. I mean, how can parents be expected to do all of the things that need to be done between sports practices, school events, and our work schedule. At the same time, we would all like to be super mom and dad sometimes, even when you fail. Put these meals in the microwave for a little under three minutes in the hot, and they are ready to go for your little superhero.

Along with me always wanting to free stuff, and that’s not allowing me to do that, I also like to save leftovers. I grew up with the motto of waste, not want not, so it’s tough when my little one doesn’t always eat everything on their plate because my instinct is to take it and put it back into the refrigerator. However, Yumble does not recommend reheating meals and does not provide directions in doing so. While not freezing and not reheating leftovers is against something in my very soul, I can understand why.

Final Thoughts: From Momma to Momma (or Dads too)

So let’s recap on some of the takeaways from this Yumble review. Yumble Kids recognizes how hectic your life is because it was made and created by a mom who felt the same way but wanted her kids to have the very best nutrition. So, from one mom to another, I can truly believe that this company has a child’s best interest at heart and believes in what they do through the power of food and nutrition.

Secondly, the fact that Yumble Kids can cater to a vast majority of eating restrictions (i.e., gluten-free) is impressive and shows that they are trying to reach as many people and kids as possible. This subscription allows you to have the extra time and energy for the things that matter in your life, which is your family.

Knowing my child can eat healthily and that I don’t have to stress about all of the many different recipes and grocery lists and endless visits to the store and spend my time differently is great. But most of all, I love what I get to do with that time. Watching my little one grow and getting the chance to do that.