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How to Protect Your Voice as a Classroom Teacher

Knowing how to protect your voice as a classroom teacher is imperative to your health and career. Many times, either student needed constant re-direction, or maybe I was teaching an in-depth lesson that required me to speak more. At the end of these days, my voice was strained, and my throat was sore. Because teaching is the most important physical aspect of the job, teachers must consider their vocal health. A voice amplifier and lots of hydration are two great ways to protect your voice while teaching.
6 Tips for Every Classroom Teacher on How to Protect Your Voice
While it may seem that making certain voice problems don’t happen is impossible, that is probably true. At some point in your teaching career, you may lose your voice. However, there are several tips that you can do to prevent damage to your vocal …

healthy meal planning

5 Healthy Meal Planning Tips for Teachers

As a teacher, you get home late and exhausted with many books to mark and new lesson plans to make. Most mornings, you sprint to school to ensure you get to class just in time. You may barely have time to eat correctly with all this on your plate. Fortunately, developing a meal plan for an organized school year is easier. Below are five healthy meal-planning tips for teachers.
5 Quick Healthy Meal Planning Tips for Teachers
1. Organize Yourself
Since you already have a hectic schedule, organizing yourself by creating meal plans is essential. Write down the meals you enjoy most and attach the recipes beneath. This will help you decide what to make for dinner with ease. As you may already have so many notebooks and papers, use the notes section in your preferred teacher planner to plan your food shopping list or …

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10 Best Healthy Drinks for Kids and Teens

With all of the many advertised kids’ drinks, it is so hard to choose something that kiddos will look at and want to drink. Further, finding something that is healthy that they will drink is an entirely different feat. Sugary sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks, and juices rule the roost for most children. However, thanks to the boom of healthy drinks for kids and the variety of healthy food options hitting your local grocery store, there is more to choose from than you might think!
10 Healthy Drink Options for Kids
Go ahead and step away from those sugar-filled juice boxes and pouches and take a look below! Your kiddos not only will be consuming less sugar but will actually be getting those essential vitamins and …

The Best School Party Snack Ideas!

School Party Snack Ideas Everyone Will Love

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If we all look back to our formable years as children, most of us can remember our classroom parties! They were days filled with goofing off, games, and best of all…SNACKS! Parents brought the gambit of cookies, brownies, popcorn balls, rice crispy treats, and the list goes on and on. Not to mention the snack bags to take home! Those were filled not only with a snack but those awesome little whistles that our parents secretly got rid of in our absence.
While the restrictions on food and how snacks have to be prepared and handed out have changed insurmountably, schools continue to have special days where these things can still…

What Is a Healthy School

What Is a Healthy School?

What Is a Healthy School? A healthy school environment is a key to physical and mental health and positively affects students, schools, and the community. Creating a healthy school means so much more than just offering healthy lunches at the cafeteria. A healthy learning environment is crucial to a child’s overall health and well-being. To ensure the health of our students, the school community must focus on the many health aspects of the physical learning environment, as well as a comprehensive school health services program. Students should have access to …

Yumble Review
Meal Kits

Yumble Review – Kids Easy Meal Delivery Service

Before you sign up t any food delivery services for healthy kids’ meals, read this complete and honest Yumble review.
When it comes to getting your kids to eat healthy meals that don’t consist of hot dogs and macaroni and cheese, life can get complicated really quickly. Having healthy and thriving children is really what any parent wants. Also on the top of that list is establishing healthy eating habits that will last them a lifetime and then be carried over into a healthy lifestyle and long life.
Then, let’s factor that over 80% of mothers in the United States work full time with kids between the ages of 6 and 17, and 75% of moms work with children under the age of 6. Also, let’s not …

Healthy Lunch Box

Best Healthy Lunch Box for Kids in 2023

In this article, you will find the six best lunch boxes for school kids. You will also find healthy school lunch ideas for your kids’ lunch boxes. Four of the lunch boxes are a Bento Box design. While one box comes with an insulated bag and water bottle, one is a food jar, and the other choice is a set of either three or five stainless steel food containers.
When choosing a lunch box for kids, you should make sure that the container has a quality, secure and recloseable lid. If you or your kids want to keep items separate, a Bento Box is a good choice as it comes with section dividers. Many of the bento-style lunch boxes have stacking layers as well, which can help hold more items. Here is the shortlist of lunch boxes that may be perfect for your kids.
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School Lunch Delivery Services
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Best School Lunch Delivery Services in 2023

Most of us are familiar with the typical cafeteria meals of our childhood…greasy fries or tater tots, cardboard pizza, half-frozen chicken nuggets, and flavorless vegetables cooked into submission. But times have changed. Several companies specialize in providing healthy, nutritious school lunches to schools across the country. These school lunch delivery services supply high-quality, real food every day.
School lunch delivery services offer alternatives to mass-produced school meals. While every lunch service provider is unique, many companies offer 100% wholesome and fresh; some use locally sourced ingredients provided by area growers and producers. They don’t add any hormones, pesticides, or antibiotics and often tailor the meals to the child’s …

Eat Healthy at School

10 Tips on How to Eat Healthy at School Cafeteria

In the past, healthy eating and cafeteria lunches did not typically go hand-in-hand. However, school lunches are key in ensuring that healthy options for children are available at the cafeteria. What students put in their bodies; can affect how much energy they have to work with for the rest of the school day. But do students really know how to eat healthy at the school cafeteria? Parents or guardians are usually in control of the meal that a student gets. However, a school lunch in the cafeteria is where students get to control the foods they put in their mouths. Schools with healthy food choices can make or break how a student learns throughout the school day.
Thankfully, healthier food choices …

benefits healthy lunch at school

Benefits of Healthy School Lunches

Healthy school lunch is vital to the overall health and well-being of students. Three balanced meals a day is crucial to development in children. The foods that they eat provide nourishment for both physical and mental growth. The benefits of healthy school lunches and nutrition go far beyond the benefits of lunches sent from home. Some children come from communities that have little access to high-quality food and therefore suffer from food insecurity. Nutritious meals with adequate calories help meet the needs of young growing bodies.
Since nutrition is of importance to school success, school meals have taken on greater importance. They have become a topic frequently discussed in the …