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14 Best Kids Meal Delivery Services in 2023

Meal delivery services have become something of normalcy now, whereas ten years ago, these were so rare they were almost unheard of. Today, there is an incredible and vast amount of choices regarding meal and food delivery services. If a company doesn’t have a food service like this, they are likely behind in sales in today’s competitive market. However, the question comes to mind is this…who rules the world? Kids! Having a meal delivery service is one thing, but finding a kid’s meal delivery is another.
Parents all over the United States are trying to find healthy and easy options for their families. Sickness and everyday quarantines have made going to the grocery store more difficult (if not impossible), and eating at home all the time leaves everyone wanting new …

Healthy School Initiative

Healthy School Initiative – 10 Ideas for a Healthy School

The global healthy school initiative by WHO  promotes different strategies to improve the health of our students. Having healthy school environments no longer considers students’ physical health and the social, mental, and emotional health. Healthy schools consider everything from the foods being offered to students to learning environments that make students feel safe, secure, and wanted. While 2020 made all of these things tremendously more difficult, going into 2021, teachers all across the country have a much better idea of how to achieve these things for our students.
Tips to Make Your School Healthier
While the thought of taking on the task of …

Take Your Parents to Lunch

National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day 2023

Did you know that there is an actual National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day? What a fun day to come to have a visit and spend time with your children at school. As children get older, youth taking parents to lunch can fade into the background and become non-existent. However, students who involve parents both at school and at home are often the kids with the healthiest eating habits and do better in school. So let’s take a closer look at this event and take a peek at all of the fun reasons to love having lunch at school!
History of National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day
Well, the history of this day only spans a decade. However, it was so much fun to celebrate! The National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day is in the second week of October, on Wednesdays every year…